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8 Mar

Why use a Mortgage Broker?


Posted by: Dillan Kelly

Why should you choose to use a mortgage broker instead of your bank?

Lower Interest Rates- Our mortgage rates are discounted on average of 1.20% over what the bank can offer you. A 1% rate discount on a $250,000 mortgage can save you more than $9,400 in interest costs over a 5 year term.                                                    

Best Mortgage Options- Mortgage brokers shop the lenders market to find you the best option for your particular situation. Banks are limited to products carried by their institution.                              

Bank Loan Officers are employees of the bank- Mortgage agents work for you, the borrower and not the lender.                          

Fast Service- A mortgage broker can often get you a mortgage approval in a day. In addition we can meet you at your convenice; like your home or office. Services from a broker are free.    


Feel free to contact me at or 403-894-5818 if you have any questions about the perks of using a mortgage broker.


Thanks for reading,

Dillan Kelly

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